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  • Each class has a participant minimum that must be met for the class to proceed

Minimum attendees – 20 Maximum – 40

Prerequisites – NIMS/ICS online training links below:

  • Participants shall have some responsibility for the management or security of either facilities or jurisdictions in which mass transit or passenger rail systems are present.
  • IS-100.C
  • IS-200.B
  • IS-700.B

Course Objectives – The STEPS-PT course has classroom lecture, facilitated group discussion & participant activities that will train the target audience to conduct threat assessments and identify vulnerabilities within state, local, tribal and territorial jurisdictions as they relate to mass transit and passenger rail systems. The course will educate participants on how to recognize and prioritize passenger transportation facilities and conveyances hardening in order to prevent and protect them against identified threats, especially those involving IEDs.

Security and response management plans will also be developed, including procedures on interagency communication, incident command, and evacuation planning. Roles and responsibilities of both public and private sector will be highlighted as protection resources and response partners. There will be special emphasis on National Special Security Events (NSSE’s).

Target Audience – Participants should be management level personnel representing jurisdictions such as states, counties, or cities, including public service agencies, fire service, law enforcement, emergency medical service, emergency planning, public health, hazardous materials response, and private industry.